Jenny Galluzzo

Jenny Galluzzo

Co-Founder, The Second Shift

As co-founder of The Second Shift, Jenny Galluzzo lives her life committed to the empowerment of women through work. She is fiercely dedicated to shifting the path forward for women, encouraging them to forge their own career paths with confidence, intention and optimism.

As Head of Community, Jenny curates events across the country to bring members and business partners together, and she and her team are in close contact with members during the application process and beyond. As Head of Brand, she sets the strategy for messaging, communications, and content. Jenny has also used The Second Shift as an opportunity to connect with and help women beyond members, speaking regularly about career transitions, gender equity in the workforce, and becoming an agent for change.

Jenny recently launched initiatives at The Second Shift: Let’s Be Human– Parenthood at Work, creating a best-practices guide to family leave for corporate clients such as Unilever andGoogle; and a career coaching platform where women hire coaches from within The SecondShift to optimize their career paths for long-term success.

Prior to starting The Second Shift, Jenny spent many years in journalism, researching, writing, hosting and producing for Good Morning America, News 12 and Plum TV. Jenny holds a BA from Duke University and an MS from the Columbia University School of Journalism. She lives in New York City with her two sons.

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