Jennifer Wines

Jennifer Wines

JD, CPWA®, Founder & Author of Invisible Wealth, Invisible Wealth

Born in Mexico, to an Irish mother and a Mexican father, Jennifer moved ten times by the age of twenty – all over North America. After law school, she embarked on a career in private wealth management that immersed her into the world of immense wealth.

Jennifer worked at some of the top private wealth management institutions in the world, namely Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Fidelity. She earned her Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School in Boston and her Certified Private Wealth Advisor designation from Booth Business School in Chicago. While at Fidelity, she developed a proof of concept and prototype for an enterprise solution, which was advanced into incubation.

Her strong background with words and numbers, paired with her entrepreneurial spirit make her a trusted voice on the topic of redefining wealth.

Recently named one of the Top 100 Women of the Future, Jennifer is a certified private wealth advisor who founded Invisible Wealth, which provides future-forward, consultancy services.

Invisible Wealth, the book, now available through all major retailers. Publisher: Wiley.

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