Jennifer Justice

Jennifer Justice

Jennifer Justice is an entertainment and live-experience executive known for her expertise in building artists’ careers and business portfolios by marrying art with commerce. JJ, as she is known, made her mark as an entertainment attorney at Carroll, Guido and Groffman LLP, where she was made partner in only three years. With a roster of clients that included Jay-Z, Outkast, Slipknot, and Mark Ronson, as well as having negotiated massive joint venture agreements which included the partnerships of Jay-Z and Roc Nation with Live Nation.


JJ parlayed her experience to join Jay-Z to build Roc Nation in 2010. As general counsel and EVP at Roc Nation, she helped structure the vision and growth of Roc Nation and oversaw the expansion of Roc Nation’s portfolio offering to include TV, film, branding, sports, and media entertainment. She served on the board of Roc Nation’s joint venture companies Three Six Media and Steam Engine; aided the creation of major strategic partnerships including Stance, Skullcandy, Puma, and Budweiser. JJ served as Jay-Z’s personal entertainment attorney for a total of 17 years and Beyonce’s personal attorney for one year while at Roc Nation. She joined Superfly in 2016 as the president of corporate development and during her two-and-a-half-year tenure, Superfly doubled their ownership of live music experiences, increased revenues by 65%, and raised a Series B round of financing.


In 2019, JJ founded The Justice Dept. – a management, strategy and legal firm that works with female (and woke male) entrepreneurs, executives, talent, brands and creatives to build and maximize their value focusing in the areas of tech, consumer product, finance, media, entertainment and fashion.


From the beginning of her career, JJ has championed gender equality and diversity in the workplace. She serves on many boards with the same initiatives, including as a founding advisory board member of USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, on the board of the innovative domestic violence organization, Freefrom and on the inaugural board of the WNBAPA. In addition, JJ serves on the board of One Hope Wines, advisory board to Loop & Tie, MyMoneyMyFuture and Buho. JJ has been named a “Game Changer” by Goop, one of the 50 Badass Women Changing the World in 2020 by InStyle, and has been listed on Billboard’s Women in Power three times. She has been featured on the TODAY Show and is a regular contributor on NBC News.


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