Fernanda Carapinha

Fernanda Carapinha

Founder and CEO, Women Entrepreneurs Global (WE Global), Women Entrepreneurs Global (WE Global)

Fernanda Carapinha is a serial media/tech entrepreneur, former senior entertainment executive, executive producer and writer, with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment/technology business. Fernanda’s deep experience and insight both in the creative entertainment/media business of content development, production, distribu7on, and promo7on, as well as in the data science/software business, has afforded her a unique perspective that has enabled her to be ahead of the curve in the convergence of the entertainment and technology industries.

Carapinha is the founder of WE Global Studios. WE Global Studios is the first full-stack startup Innovation Studio & digital DIY Platform that powers the success of women entrepreneurs around the world. Run by women for women,WE Global Studios nurtures talent and their companies through a very unique and tailor-made company building process focused on five strategic tracks inspired by the Hollywood Studio model that includes achieving foundational operational excellence, team building, product-market fit and building founder DNA, to name a few. The mission is to help women successfully build, launch, and scale successful companies from initial traction to exit and IPO.

Carapinha also founded 4Digital and 4Digital Entertainment, two Los Angeles based companies at the heart of the content/technology movement. 4Digital is an AI/Machine Learning driven technology company focused on the development of behavior data analytics software applications that straddle the media and cybersecurity sectors. Selected to be part of the Microsoft and Google Start Up Programs, 4Digital’s offerings include social media metrics fraud detection and human verification software, social media content sentiment analysis, and predictive audience behavioral modeling.

Carapinha founded 4Digital’s sister company, 4Digital Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based multi-platform digital content company, that develops high impact narrative content that challenges traditional boundaries of storytelling, production, and distribution by integrating organic cross-platform tech driven proprietary software to fully exploit the 360-content experience.

Previously, as senior vice president of television at Brillstein Grey Communications, Carapinha co-ran all aspects of the television development and production process with a focus on developing star-driven vehicles. She developed series for Jim Belushi, Tea Leoni, Elizabeth Perkins, Brian Benben, and Steve Harvey among others, and also oversaw an elite roster of show runners.

As the executive director of development at Paramount Studios, Carapinha developed numerous award-winning comedy series (Frasier), drama series (Deep Space Nine), and many television movies. Her responsibilities included developing series with the studio’s premier roster of show runners with overall deals at Paramount. Prior to that, Carapinha was Lifetime Television’s (NYC) vice president of program planning and scheduling.

Carapinha is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with a BA in Communications and Marketing minor from the Wharton School. Carapinha also holds a master’s degree from Pepperdine University, in Psychology. Carapinha is a published author of young adult science fiction/fantasy graphic novels.

Originally from Portugal, Fernanda resides in Los Angeles, California with her family.

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