Emily Loewus

Emily Loewus

Director of Wine Experiences & Head Sommelier, Lifetime Vintage, Lifetime Vintage

Emily is a New York based sommelier and wine educator who is passionate about tasty juice made by thoughtful individuals. She believes wine is an everyday luxury that helps us build meaningful memories, travel to new places, and get a little boozy.

While her wine journey began at a young age, she took the leap to pursue wine full time in 2018. After working as a bartender at the Odeon Restaurant, she joined the team at Terroir TriBeCa under Paul Grieco, where her passion for the esoteric and high acid took on new heights. While Emily has always been theatrical, she found a new passion for storytelling table side while waxing poetic on the volcanic soil deposits of the Willamette Valley, the pradikat system of Riesling, or why we shouldn’t give up on Chardonnay. Emily is currently a WSET 3 candidate.

When Emily isn’t sipping on White Burgundy, you can find her snuggling with her pup Zoe and fiancé Alex while watching reruns of the West Wing.

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