Dr. Terri Cooper

Dr. Terri Cooper

Chief Inclusion Officer, Deloitte US

Dr. Terri is currently Deloitte’s Chief Inclusion Officer.

Terri has a personal passion and commitment to growing and developing talent at all levels. As chief inclusion officer, Terri drives Deloitte’s strategy to recruit, develop, and advance a diverse workforce and foster an inclusive environment. She is focused on advancing inclusive leadership at all levels to advance inclusion in workplaces today.

Terri has more than two decades of experience working in various capacities of the life sciences and health care industry, including participating in a broad range of strategic advisory services. She has created new global operating models; supported the integration of development, regulatory, and drug safety functions in a number of Life Sciences company mergers; restructured all aspects of the research and development (R&D) value chain; and driven increased cost and efficiency measures.

She holds a Joint Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and Pharmacology and a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of London, UK.

Connect with her on LinkedIn at and Twitter @DrTerriCooper.


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