Allison Duncan

Allison Duncan

Founder and CEO, Amplifier Strategies

Allison Duncan is the founder and CEO of Amplifier Strategies. She advises leading organizations working at the intersection of philanthropy, investing and innovation. As a serial social entrepreneur, she co-founded Uplift, a collaborative initiative for poverty alleviation, Impact Atlas, a technology platform for personalized mentoring programs, and Battery Powered, one of the largest and fastest-growing giving clubs in America.

Since 2007, Amplifier has activated more than $500 million and launched new ventures, portfolio strategies, and cutting-edge solutions for influential foundations and organizations around the world. Its clients have included the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Erol Foundation, The Skoll Foundation, The Libra Foundation, Arcus Foundation, Resources Legacy Fund, The Nature Conservancy, among others.

Allison began her career in philanthropy with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. She served as the Program Director for a $400 million environmental investment and as the Director of Program Finance, where she created a practice to conduct due diligence, measure outcomes, and structure $1 billion in grants and program-related investments. Prior to joining the Moore Foundation, Allison worked at Deloitte in the Carolinas, Russia, New York and Silicon Valley.

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