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Digitally United


Digitally United

Mar 23, 2020 ET

The world needs to come together. Tech can help in so many ways, but we need that badly. We see digital division between citizens who are connected and those who aren’t, between regulators and tech platforms, between fully-online companies and those still transforming, between countries committed to openness and those determined to control speech, even between workers at home and those in the office.

So where are the solutions? And how do we better-knit society together, both in the U.S. and globally? (More on our thoughts about unity in a digital era here.)

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2:00 pm

Conference Opens

3:30 pm

Two Journalism Giants on Unity and Discord

Lionel Barber

Author, The Powerful and the Damned: Private Diaries in Turbulent Times

Nicholas Thompson

Editor in Chief, WIRED

4:00 pm

What Are Online Human Rights?

Susie Alegre

International Human Rights Lawyer, Doughty Street Chambers

4:15 pm

Keeping America’s Elders Healthier with Data

Dave Icke

Chief Executive Officer, MC10

Slawek Kierner

Humana Digital Health and Analytics (DH&A) Senior Vice President of Enterprise Data and Analytics (ED&A), Humana

4:35 pm

Taming the Machines and Systems That Rule Our Lives

Ben Pring

VP, Head of Thought Leadership - Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant

5:05 pm

VIP Reception: How To Train Tech to Serve Society

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