What would it take to transform ourselves and our businesses so as to make a better planet for us all? This is the crux of Beyond Zero, a documentary, inspired by the late Interface founder and chairman Ray Anderson, that seeks to discover what it would take to transform ourselves and our businesses so as to make a better planet for us all.

“I’ve never seen anybody, any filmmaker, actually tell an environmental story like this. Usually it’s boring. You know data about what the company does…terrible scenes about environmental destruction…you leave the film feeling horrible. This was clearly going to be [an] inspirational, uplifting call to action movie,” said the film’s executive producer Diana Propper De Callejon during Worth’s latest session of The Next Normal, where we were also joined by Nathan Havey, writer and director of Beyond Zero, and Kathleen Entwistle, Private Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management.


“Scientists agree that if we actually don’t cut our emissions in half by 2030…we will not stay within that two degrees average temperature,” Callejon said. “And we need businesses to step up.”

Interface VP and Chief Sustainability Officer Erin Meezan, along with Anderson’s leadership, transformed how businesses can successfully turn to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

“They made the jump to this whole new paradigm of what environmentalism and business needs to look like, which is not only reducing impact, but also actually increasing the positive contributions that industrial companies and the rest of us can have to the biodynamic environmental processes that actually keep Earth running,” said Havey. “It opened up this entirely new aspect of the conversation around environmentalism and business that is absolutely as essential as reducing the impact, but it’s still totally on the cutting edge.”


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