After two years of lockdown, everyone seems ready to return to traveling, shopping, and gathering up all the beauty life offers. This gift guide is meant to reflect our reemergence into real-world experiences. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf and have decided that now’s the time—well, we have a gift for that. Or, you’ve always wanted to take your partner to the Antarctic but weren’t sure how to plan the excursion. We’ve got you covered! You’ll also find some of the most beautiful gifts for the home, immersive wellness splurges, rare spirits from around the world to enjoy with your closest friends, and much more.

Read on to find the perfect gift for your family, friends—and even yourself—this holiday season.

Aman Hotel, New York

Price: Starts at $27,900

Who is it for? The person who wants a quiet getaway without leaving the city.

The latest offering from Aman resorts is an 83-suite hotel that embodies the tranquility that is the promise of Aman’s Sanskrit-derived name. Housed inside the historic Crown building in Manhattan, Aman is an urban sanctuary with a 25,000 sq foot spa that offers a comprehensive, holistic program and features two world-class signature restaurants, Arva and Nama.


A special offer for Worth readers to experience Aman New York includes:

* Aman Suite, accommodations for two

* Arva Seasonal Lunch with Italian wine pairing for two

* Omakase Dinner with Sake pairing for two

* The Jazz Club table for two

To book your package, email: [email protected]. Or, let the reservations desk know that you are booking the Worth Magazine package

Casks of Distinction, Diageo Scotland

Price: Each cask is unique, so there isn’t a standard set price but ranges from six figures upwards. Readers can inquire about becoming a private client here.

Who is it for? The person who always wanted to own a distillery.

Diageo’s Casks of Distinction may be the perfect gift if you’ve always wanted to have your own distillery or know someone who does. Casks of Distinction are a small number of fully mature casks hand selected by four master whisky-makers. Each cask is unique and incredibly rare, including some of the most famous brands in Scotland – Lagavulin and Caol IIa on Islay, Talisker on Skye, Cardhu in Speyside, Clynelish in the Highlands, Oban on the west coast, and Royal Lochnagar on Royal Deeside. Casks of Distinction are offered only to Diageo’s private clients, individuals who enjoy a special status with Diageo and purchase whiskies directly, with the personal assistance of Private Client Advisors. 

Ghost Flutes

Price: $96 / pair

Who is it for? The host who has everything.

Elevate your party thank-you gift with these elegant, modern champagne flute glasses. Handcrafted with a solid base and a faceted design for comfortable holding, MaxID’s Ghost Flutes will make any table sparkle. The flutes are crafted with soda-lime glass, a prismatic material reminiscent of classic crystal, yet they are dishwasher safe. Available in clear, amber, and light pink, and just in time for the holidays, a re-release of the Ghost Flute in a festive green hue in partnership with online luxury retail destination FWRD.

Diageo Prima & Ultima Collection

Price: $41,882

Who is it for? The whisky lover who seeks out rare vintages.

If a cask is too much, you might go for another particular offering—Diageo’s selection of eight bottles that are the first or last of their kind. Due to their rarity, there are only 317 sets available for purchase. Each set includes a 20ml tasting sample alongside the full vintage bottlings. For the first time, a selection of individual bottles is also available to purchase, offering the opportunity for enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and collectors to experience whiskies that will never be made again.


Sponsored: Kalamazoo K750GT Freestanding Gaucho Grill

Price: Starting at $29,580

Who is it for? For those who want to offer an unbeatable grilling experience.

Kalamazoo’s K750GT Freestanding Gaucho Grill is a great example of an outdoor grill that provides you with all the style and flexibility you get in your kitchen inside the home. But what makes it stand out is that you also get an incredibly unique grilling experience. For instance, the grill’s flywheel is exceptionally handy for cooking at precise temperatures above a wood-burning fire. All you need to do is spin the 30-inch spoked wheel to raise or lower the meat or vegetables and you get masterful control over the temperature, giving you a full range of cooking temperatures, from smoking your meat “low and slow” to searing it over an 800-degree fire. Another powerful feature is that it has a deep fire box, which includes a gas ignition system to get you up and running quickly and simply. So, no matter the size or shape of your backyard, this incredibly versatile and very durable grill will undoubtedly make any outdoor entertaining a sure-fire success.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Price: $494

Who is it for? Anyone with a morning commute.

You could just purchase the Carter Move Mug but why stop there? The EBTKS kit from Fellow is literally everything you need to have a perfect coffee morning. Starting with the Electric Kettle (why would you wait for water to boil on the stove?) and the Ode Brew Grinder, which not only grinds your beans the way you want them, it does so quietly. Pour it into the Stagg Dripper – which has a ratio aid to get the right amount of coffee. Let it drip into the Mighty Small Glass Carafe, then into your Move Mug with Splash Guard, and you’re on your way to a better day.

MB&F LM Sequential EVO Chronograph Watch

Price: $180,000

Who is it for? The watch collector who also geeks out over design.

The “F” in MB&F stands for Maximilian Büsser & Friends and this masterpiece of a wristwatch was created with one of those friends—Stephen McDonnell. The Legacy Machine Sequential EVO movement incorporates two column-wheel chronographs and a groundbreaking “Twinverter” binary switch, allowing multiple timing modes. The iconic sapphire-crystal dome characteristic of the LM collection underwent a complicated geometry shift to accommodate the placement of the 3Hz (21,600vph) suspended balance in relation to the chronograph displays. An integrated rubber strap, an essential EVO feature, makes for the smoothest wearing experience of any MB&F Machine ever.

The Legacy Machine Sequential EVO is available in two zirconium editions: atomic orange dial plate (orange CVD) and coal black dial plate (black PVD).

Time Since Launch Clock

Price: $280

Who is it for? The person who likes to celebrate beginnings.

The Time Since Launch clock is exactly that – a way to commemorate the beginning of something. Inspired by the 12-hr stopwatch that John Glenn had on his trip to the moon, the Time Since clock begins when you decide it should. Pull the pin when you’re ready to mark a moment or special occasion – the beginning of your epoch, as they say – and the clock is set to run for 2,738 years. You can also purchase the clock with a wall mount and custom engraving.

Le Commandant Charcot

Price: Starts at $35,960 per person

Who is it for? The aspiring Arctic Explorer.

If you’re going all out on the gifts this year you can’t do better than a cruise to the North Pole aboard Ponant’s Le Commandant Charcot, the world’s only luxury icebreaker. It’s the only passenger ship to take travelers to the storied, mythical region. With eight departures for 2023, Arctic season PONANT’s North Pole sailings will take tourists to the farthest corners of the Northern Hemisphere, where floating pack ice, polar bear sightings, naturalist-led excursions, and scientific collaboration are part of the itinerary.


Lift Foils Personal Watercraft

Price: $9,995

Who is it for? Adventure-seekers that want to elevate their surfing.

It took Nick Leason 10 years to create the eFoil, an electric surfboard that can glide over water at up to 35mph. He applied technology for smartphones, electric vehicles, and drones to build a personal watercraft that let riders fly above water without the need for wind or waves. In the process, he also created a new term for electric surfboarding – “foiling.” A range of models is available for all thrill-seekers, risk-takers, and watersports enthusiasts of various levels.

The LIFT3 F is the brand’s newest, most user-friendly, and price-accessible board.

Power Plate Pulse Massager, Ricari Studios

Price: $299.99

Who is it for? The person who works out every day.

Ricari Studios is a health spa that opened a decade ago and specializes in lymphatic drainage, which is becoming a linchpin to self-care. It’s also become a cult wellness destination due to their restorative approach to skin and body care, which combines traditional techniques with innovative technology. Their  Power Plate Pulse Massager lets you soothe sore muscles and accelerate recovery without needing to book an appointment at the spa. The device has 4 levels of power so you can get the right adjustment, and 6 attachments to pinpoint tight muscles, congested tissue, and fatigued limbs.

Hydrow Indoor Rowing Machine

Price: Original Hydrow Rower : $2,495

Hydrow Wave Rower for smaller spaces: $1,695

Who is it for? For people bored with their Peloton. 

Rowing is a low-impact and bone-density building workout and can use up to 86 percent of your muscles in one workout session. Plus, it’s excellent in the winter if you’re prone to staying indoors but still want to get in a good workout. The Hydrow rowing machine was founded by Bruce Smith, former president of Chicago Union Rowing and Paddling, and the coach of the U.S. National Team and designed by rowing experts. They’ve also designed workouts to follow with world-class athletes, to help you maintain your competitive spirit.

Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

Price: $599

Who is it for? The person that wears headphones everywhere.

Headphones get personal. Master & Dynamic MW75 headphones automatically adjust the level of noise cancellation to match your surroundings, leaving behind nothing but the sound you want. They’re also designed for comfort – lightweight anodized aluminum, soft lambskin leather, and replaceable memory foam ear pads make these headphones comfortable for everyday wear. Plus, they offer 32-hour battery life.

The + Record Player

Price: $2,070

Who is it for? The stay-at-home audiophile in your life.

Did you know that where you place stereo speakers in a room affects the quality of the sound you hear? A sweet spot exists for audio components, and the +RP Integrated Hi-Fi Turntable System will help you find it. The +Record Player is the first high-fidelity integrated turntable system featuring a built-in, high-performance stereo music system with high-quality phono components and advanced listening features. When combined with the stand, the system is placed at the right height to enhance sonic performance with better bass and a highly improved soundstage. In addition, to improve the sound quality, it will efficiently store a significant number of LPs ( up to 200 )

Barebones Firepit and Grill

Price:  $249.99

Who is it for? The person who cooks outside all year long.

Channel your inner Francis Mallman and bring this portable firepit and grill to the next beach outing, or your back deck. Made of stainless steel, this combo allows for both open fire and controlled temperature cooking due to the grate and adjustable pole to help you manage the heat. A 29-inch bowl accommodates large logs, and it’s easy to set up and break down.

Janus Halcyon 450cc Motorcycle

Price: Starts at $14, 995

Who is it for? Gearheads with a soft spot for retro design.

Early 20th-century road bikes embody a romanticism of simplicity with their hardtail, function over form, and connected design. For those of us looking for a closer connection between machine, road, and passing landscape, meet Janus Motorcycles, the intersection between classic romanticism and modern function. Deeply inspired by the foundation of motorcycle design, but also maintaining features that we would be remiss to do without (i.e. disc brakes).

Germain-Robin Brandy

Price: $89.99

Who is it for? The wine lover who wants to try something new.

Germain-Robin is the first brandy made in California. Crafted with classic cognac stills using unconventional, flavorful California grapes, including Pinot Noir, Riesling, Viognier, and Sémillon. It’s a new take on a traditional drink, available in three ‘expressions’: the flagship Brandy, which showcases California-grown Colombard grapes; the XO Brandy, created with Pinot Noir grapes; and Single Barrels made with Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Viognier.

Cuyana System Tote

Price: Starts at $278, accessories sold separately

Who is it for? Stylish, Type-A.

Cuyana is a women-founded and owned luxury accessories and clothing brand that emphasizes a ‘fewer, better’ philosophy. Founded in 2012 by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, the brand is known for stylish, quality products and commitment to sustainability and giving back. The System Tote was created with a built-in snap system for add-on accessories—just choose your color then add the extras of your choice, like a laptop sleeve, phone wallet, one of two adjustable straps, and more. To make it extra special get it monogrammed.

And get it monogrammed!

Sing Custom Hat

Price: $725

Who is it for? The Yellowstone fan in your life.

A hat that’s also a work of art, according to many satisfied customers. Handcrafted in Jackson Hole, WY. by founder Christy Sing, who started the company in 2018. Each hat is sturdy and resilient, made from Beaver felt, and meant to be worn for years. Choose from their eight styles, many swatches, fur options, and brim styles to begin creating your heirloom piece.

Aromatherapy Towel Warmer

Price: $199.99

Who is it for? Probably you.

This might be the most luxurious gift in the bunch. Imagine – warm, fluffy, scented towels waiting for you after a shower or bath. The experience can be yours with this towel warmer that will accommodate up to two 40’’ x 70’’ bath towels, robes, or your favorite throw blanket. The warmer is lightweight and can be placed anywhere in your home – just add your favorite scented oil to the aromatherapy basket, and voila! Every day is spa day.

Gold Hoops from Mejuri + Claude Home Jewelry Vessel

Price: Claude Home jewelry vessel: $250.Add Hoops for  $68-$1000.

Who is it for? The Minimalist Environmentalist.

Mejuri is a female-founded brand that creates jewelry intended for everyday use. Their tagline says it all: “Fine jewelry for being your damn self.” Modern, simple pieces created thoughtfully. Their entire production system is transparent and aims to mitigate their environmental impact while giving back. 80% of the gold they use in their pieces is recycled; 100% is traceable. The jewelry is also gorgeous.

Pick up a pair of classic hoops and a Claude Home jewelry vessel to house the earrings.

Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser

Price: $200

Who is it for? Anyone who thinks Paris is always a good idea.

Diptyque’s gorgeous diffuser is an elegant reimagining of perfume for the home. Designed to diffuse fragrance slowly, over time, the hourglass will perfume a space over several months. You turn the hourglass over for a fragrant and sensorial experience. Put it on a desk or a bookshelf, or place it on a bedside table to accompany a spot of nighttime reading. In Diptyque’s signature scent 34 Boulevard St Germain.

Chris Evert Tennis Bracelet

Price: $750 – $36,700

Who is it for? Your mom, who remembers the moment when Chris Evert lost her tennis bracelet at the US Open.

When it comes to jewelry, few bracelets are as iconic, easily wearable, and ubiquitous as the tennis bracelet. Jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann partnered with Chris Evert to reimagine the tennis bracelet for a new generation of customers. Each style in the CE Tennis Bracelet collection includes an element of Evert’s memory of that day in the design, like emerald stones that are reminiscent of the green court.

OGIO Alpha Travel Cover

Price: $220

Who is it for? Globetrotting golfers.

Stand out among the golf crowd with this stylish travel bag from Ogio. It features enough space for an extra set of clothes, gloves, golf balls, and shoes. Dense foam padding around the golf heads ensures equipment protection, providing additional peace of mind if you have to check your bag. The covers come in basic black, but why do that when you could opt for the skull or whiskey design? No need to be boring.

Cartier Luxury Fragrance Case

Price: $605

Who is it for? For someone who elevates the everyday.

Cartier is a brand that can make even the most mundane object luxe – a pencil holder, for example. The Fragrance Case is perhaps the most unique in the luxury essentials category. Inspired by early 20th-century vanity cases, these ultra-thin perfume sleeves use a magnetic mechanism to hold the refillable 30mL fragrance bottle in place. Available in various sleek, modern designs and compatible with a fragrance collection of 19 options (including signature scents La Panthère, Pasha Edition Noire, and others).

Rock Box

Price:  $8,900

Who is it for? Rock and Rollers with a taste for glam.

A statement piece for anyone who loves rock and roll. Created as an ode to iconic music legends: The Rolling Stones, Elton John, and The Beatles, each box is plated in 14K gold with over 1,000 hand-set Swarovski crystals.