On Thursday, Women & Worth hosted their first ever LA Women & Worth Book Club event featuring Ali Landry, author of Reshape Your Life and founder of the lifestyle brand RE/SHAPE. In partnership with UBS and hosted at Bulgari’s Serpenti Pop-up on Rodeo Drive, the exclusive evening included a candid conversation on life, work, wellness and the inspiration behind the newly released book. 

Hosted by Women & Worth’s Director Laura Gerson, entrepreneurs, investors and executives joined one another for a discussion about Landry’s book, which chronicles the multi-hyphenate actress and model’s challenges and lessons learned on her journey to transforming her life. Focused on how to reclaim your confidence, purpose and wholeness, the evening not only provided attendees the opportunity to talk with one another, but to hear sincere, honest perspectives on how to realign and reconnect with themselves and their goals. 


“I’m an entrepreneur so it was very inspiring to be amongst women that are like myself,” shared Ruthie Berhane, Managing Partner, Plover Ventures, on the event. “I’m also a mother so I try to do it all and it was really comforting to see Ali be graceful in showing how to do it all. The one thing I’m going to take away from today is to be authentic. Instead of saying I have to, I am lucky to be able to.” 

“There’s a common spirit in the room between everyone,” Emily Wyatt, Head of Marketing for Kayo Beauty Care voiced. “We want to connect with each other and meet each other and genuinely learn about each other… It gave a window into the world that we’re all living in, but no one really talks about. We’re all living our own journey. We need to celebrate and embrace that.” 

In conjunction with Landry’s life philosophy, Women & Worth is dedicated to inspiring and supporting women, facilitating impactful connections and conversations and providing access to industry experts.