Whether whiskey is your passion or simply a way to kick back and relax after a long week, the glass you drink from is imperative for a satisfying sipping experience. Having a good set of whiskey glasses goes far beyond the aesthetic. The right—or wrong—glass can completely alter the encounter, taste, and even texture of every drink. 

There are countless types of whiskey glasses to choose from. We’ve pulled together a list of aesthetically unique options in order to maximize your drinking experience in every regard: from the visual to the tactile to the palatable

1. Norlan Whiskey Glass

Retail price: $54 for two glasses


Photo via Norlan Glass

The Norlan Whiskey Glass is scientifically designed to enhance the whiskey of your choice, whether it be Rye, Bourbon, Scotch—you name it. Made of double-walled borosilicate glass, this glass marries a scientifically performing interior with an aesthetically beautiful exterior. It is rated as one the best whiskey glasses across the board and has received numerous awards for its sophisticated design. If you have ever tasted from a Glencairn glass, this is the next step—just stemless. 


2. Baccarat Faunacrystopolis Tumbler

Retail price: $560 for four glasses


Photo via Baccarat

A world leader in luxury crystal manufacturing, Baccarat offers a variety of glass options, each tailored to a particular drinking experience. The Fauancrystopolis Tumblers bring a unique and whimsical sensibility to the basic tumbler with creatures composed of geometric shapes on the bottom of each. Crafted by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, this glass’s bevel cuts and rounded edges are reminiscent of the traditional nosing copitas used for tasting in distilleries. 

3. Taliesin West Whirling Arrow Double Old Fashioned Glass

Retail price: $18 for one glass

Photo via Frank Lloyd Wright

This eleven-ounce double old fashioned glass features Frank Lloyd Wright’s signature Whirling Arrow: a Native American symbol for friendship adopted by Wright for Taliesin West, his winter home and studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. Solid and durable with a satisfying and heavy bottom, this glass is simple, straightforward and elegant—perfect for an American whiskey either straight up or on the rocks after a long day.

4. Huckberry Whiskey Peaks—Mountain Decanter & Half Dome Glass

Retail Price: $95 for decanter and two glasses


Photo via Huckberry

Huckberry’s distinct Whiskey Peaks collection features the impressions of iconic topographical formations across the world such as Denali, Kilimanjaro, and the Grand Canyon. This exclusive set comprising decanter and glasses highlights Yosemite’s iconic Half Dome. Hand-blown and lead-free, these refined glasses are both lightweight and durable, marrying the rugged aura of the American West with the cultivation of an outstanding whiskey. 


5. Felicia Ferrone Boyd Small Glass

Retail Price: $220 for two glasses


Photo via Fferrone

Designed in 2018 by Felicia Ferrone and featured in a selection curated by celebrated fashion designer Carolina Herrerra, these understated glasses are a sophisticated addition to any collection. Each glass is made of resilient borosilicate glass and handcrafted by master glassblowers in Czechia. The glass’s minimalist straight lines and gentle fluting lend any whiskey sipping experience an unusual and modern sense of elegant delicacy. 

6. Tom Dixon Puck Nosing Glass

Retail Price: $100 for two glasses


Photo via Tom Dixon

A striking, new take on traditional nosing copitas and similar to the much-beloved Glencairn, this glass is a whiskey drinker’s design staple. Tom Dixon, a celebrated designer of British origin, has drawn from the utilitarian solidity of a hockey puck for the glass’s base. A hint of smoky color grounds the glass, dissipating as the mouth-blown material returns to the thin precision of a conventional form. 

7. LSA International Cask Whiskey Set

Retail Price: $240 for decanter and two glasses


Photo via LSA International

This graceful and contemporary whiskey set combines essential elements of lightness and heaviness necessary to enhance any whiskey. LSA’s artisans mouth blow the glass into metal molds to achieve the set’s simple, geometric charm. The heavy stopper of the decanter mirrors the cube-shaped impressions in the bottom of the tumblers, which in turn emulate the shape of the decanter itself. In 2021, the set received a prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award.