01. Privoro

If you’re concerned about smartphone privacy, this case makes your phone virtually invisible to spies by blocking radio frequency transmissions that could be used to track you. It also keeps hackers from eavesdropping by taking over your camera and microphone, two areas of smartphone vulnerability. You can still make calls, take photos and access all of your phone’s features. The accompanying app also lets you monitor Privoro’s activity. Privoro is available for the iPhone 6 and 6S, and versions for other phones are expected in the coming year. ($999) customercare@privoro.com, 844.774.8676, privoro.com

02. brown safe chronos

Brown Safe specially designed the Chronos model to house valuable watch collections. The safe has a thick ballistic armor construction that can stop a 50-caliber bullet and resists any type of drill. Additional security features including a time lock, a multisensory alarm that integrates with your security system, fire protection, glass-plate relockers and four-way boltwork, make it virtually impenetrable. The customizable safe can range in size, finish and watch capacity, but the main feature is the Orbita watch winders that you can program to rotate your timepieces in specific revolution cycles. (Starts at $63,750) sales@brownsafe.com, 760.233.2293, brownsafe.com


03. keezel 

The biggest threats to your digital privacy when traveling are the unsecured WiFi networks you use in hotels and airport lounges. This palm-sized device easily encrypts an existing WiFi network for you with the touch of a button. The Keezel connects to a WiFi network, and your devices are connected to the Keezel, which hides your activity from the network—and anyone who may be lurking in it. With an impressive 10-hour battery life, the Keezel can even act as a charger for your devices. (Starts at $99) support@keezel.co, keezel.co 

04. sikur granitephone

Brazilian security software developer Sikur partnered with French electronics giant Archos to create this ultra-secure cell phone. The 4G LTE GranitePhone features a proprietary Android-based operating system that promises high-level encryption that protects calls, messages and cloud storage—and has no backdoors. Aside from its security, the GranitePhone has standard features such as 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 16-megapixel camera. ($999, includes two-year subscription to security software) contact@sikur.com, granitephone.com 

05. la roche-posay my uv patch

Most people know that UV light can cause premature aging, wrinkles and skin cancer. What they don’t know is how much UV radiation they receive on a daily basis. That’s the information beauty and cosmetics giant L’Oréal seeks to uncover with this new patch. Waterproof and thinner than a strand of hair, the patch resembles a temporary tattoo; it uses NFC technology and photosensitive dyes to measure your UV exposure and communicate this to an app on your phone. Each patch lasts for five days and is available through L’Oréal’s La Roche-Posay skincare brand. loreal.comlaroche-posay.us


06. dojo

Your WiFi network is the key to all your internet-enabled home devices; Dojo is the guardian that protects it. This system monitors the traffic in your network and detects anomalies such as hacking threats. When there is a threat, Dojo sends an alert to your phone, and a pebble-shaped stand-alone indicator changes color. If the attack succeeds in compromising a device, such as a TV or a baby monitor, Dojo will disconnect it from the network. ($200, plus a monthly $8 fee) info@dojo-labs.com, dojo-labs.com