This year Robb O’Hagan’s book, Extreme You: Bring All of You to All You Do, will be published, and cycling chain SoulCycle, in which Equinox Holdings owns a 97 percent stake, will hold an IPO.

  • 01 What are you reading?
    Originals by Adam Grant. It has brilliant and surprising insights into how nonconformists shape the world.
  • 02 Favorite city?
    London. I spent 10 years of my childhood there, and I love the cool juxtaposition between the history and tradition and today’s modern, diverse economy.
  • 03 How often do you travel?
    Almost half the year.
  • 04 Do you fly private or commercial?
    Mainly commercial, sometimes private. I’m an aircraft geek. The [Airbus] A380 is my preferred ride, but I am jonesing to try the new Air New Zealand Dreamliner when I go home this summer.
  • 05 What do you never travel without?
    My workout gear. The thought of being stuck in a great city and not being able to run around it fills me with terror.
  • 06 What’s your investment philosophy?
    Slow and steady wins the race.
  • 07 Best investing tip?
    Work with an advisor you really trust. Investing well requires expertise.
  • 08 Your worst business mistake?
    Joining Atari. I hate video games—it was just a really bad fit. But I have no regrets. Sometimes the bad extremes help you understand where you thrive.
  • 9 The biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?
    Giving birth to three kids, over four years, in three different states, across two companies and jobs.
  • 10 Favorite movie?
    Amadeus. The crazy, creative genius of Mozart has always inspired me.
  • 11 TV show?
    Modern Family. All of team Robb O’Hagan watch it together.
  • 12 Beer, wine or spirits?
    New Zealand white wines—best sauvignon blancs in the world.
  • 13 Favorite restaurant?
    Sunda in Chicago. Great food and an awesome atmosphere for a big group.
  • 14 Your watch?
    Apple Watch. I love it for the notifi cations, the fi tness tracking and the fact that it has my air-line boarding passes on it. I’m dying to get the Hermès version.
  • 15 Favorite outfit?
    A floor-length red Alexander McQueen gown that I just adore.
  • 16 What do you drive?
    BMW 5-Series, but I want the new Tesla SUV.
  • 17 Favorite workout?
    Running. It’s the most inspiring time of my day.
  • 18 Best health advice?
    Stop thinking about fithing into your skinny jeans and start thinking about your body as the awe-some, powerful, beautiful machine that it is.
  • 19 Favorite philanthropy?
    I work to get at-risk youth into physical activity through the Women’s Sports Foundation. And I’m deeply focused on getting rid of cancer. Cycle for Survival is a giant indoor cycling event we host at Equinox with Memorial Sloan Kettering.
  • 20 How would you like to be remembered?
    As the most badass mom on the planet.

This article originally appeared in the February/March 2016 issue of Worth.