Worth @ : Super Bowl 2024

Worth Collaborates at the Big Game in Las Vegas

At the Big Game in Las Vegas, Worth partnered with two landmark events: The Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party and Players Tailgate, which are renowned for offering exceptional pre-game experiences. At these gatherings, over 50 active NFL players, celebrities, business leaders, and guests had the opportunity to enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment before the main event. These unique occasions provide an avenue for attendees to connect, engage, and celebrate.

During these events, Worth leaders had the privilege of interacting with influential figures from diverse industries such as sports, technology, entertainment, and healthcare. These interactions facilitated meaningful dialogue and fostered connections that aligned with Worth’s unwavering commitment to driving positive change and fostering meaningful dialogue. Worth’s presence during the Big Game weekend served as a testament to the organization’s dedication to these ideals.

Super Bowl

At the Big Game in Las Vegas, Worth leaders engaged with influential figures from various industries during the key events, promoting meaningful dialogue and fostering connections aligned with the organization’s commitment to driving positive change. Worth’s presence during the Big Game weekend reflected its dedication to these ideals.

Our Host @ Super Bowl 2024:

Josh Kampel is the CEO of Worth Media Group where he oversees the overall strategic direction of the organization as well as works closely with the management teams of the individual portfolio companies to build scalable products and services.

Prior to Worth, Josh served as CEO of Techonomy Media, which was sold to Clarim Holdings in 2018. At Techonomy, Josh spent 8 years driving sustainable business growth through strategic partnerships and new product development. He built Techonomy to be one of the leading media companies covering technology and it’s impact on business and society.

Josh Kampel

Worth @: is an ongoing video series created and produced by Worth Media featuring a series of discussions at key events revolving around diverse topics such as film, music, art, lifestyle, climate innovation, sports, and finance. These events provide Worth the opportunity to showcase conversations with influential leaders, visionaries, creators, and industry giants, exploring the intricate interplay between business, finance, innovation, and societal impact. Our featured guests share valuable insights into the missions and future aspirations inline with our “Worth beyond Wealth” mantra.

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