Marc Andreessen famously said that software is eating the world. But the real online glutton may be video.
Mark Nagel, the executive director of marketing for AT&T’s Foundry innovation centers, told the crowd at a recent FutureCast event about online filmmaking that video content is expected to grow 60 percent annually over the next few years. AT&T expects video to be 75 percent of its total network traffic by 2017.
So does this eruption of online video represent an economic bonanza for filmmakers?
The noted online filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, who has amassed more than 20 million views of her new web video series for AOL, is optimistic. “I believe money is everywhere, I really do,” she told the audience at FutureCast, where she also released her latest cloud movie “The Science of Character.”
And according to AT&T’s Nagel, there’s no reason to think the meteoric growth of online video will slow anytime soon. “When will online video usage will hit the wall?” an audience member asked. “I wish I knew,” Nagel replied.