Silicon Valley takes it for granted that it’s the center of the innovation universe. But that, of course, is a weakness—which points to the often parochial and inward looking nature of many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors.
So is Silicon Valley really the center of the innovation universe?
That’s the question we asked an invitation-only crowd who came to the AT&T Foundry in Palo Alto to hear me interview David Kirkpatrick at the Ericsson and AT&T hosted FutureCast event.
And the answers were unsurprisingly varied. Yes, one entrepreneur responded, but there’s still a lot of competition. No, another answered, the innovation in Silicon Valley is no more unique than elsewhere. Yes, somebody else said, everything that is happening is here.
The question of Silicon Valley’s uniqueness was a theme developed throughout the FutureCast event, particularly in my keynote conversation with David Kirkpatrick. In our next segment, Kirkpatrick explains how Silicon Valley can reinvent itself.