Yonatan Adiri

Yonatan Adiri

Founder and CEO,

Yonatan Adiri is the Founder and CEO of, the first company to transform an embedded smartphone camera into a clinical grade medical device.

Previously, Adiri established the role of the CTO to the President of Israel and served in that role under HE, the late Shimon Peres. In his role, Adiri led Israel’s tech-diplomacy with heads of state from the White House in Washington to the Blue House in Korea. He was also responsible for the President’s long-term agenda on transformative technologies such as Neuroscience, Immunotherapy, Stem Cells and Bioinformatics. As part of his service, Yonatan participated in the inaugural class (2009) of the NASA/Google Singularity University – where he co-founded “the AirBnB of Cars”, and was selected as class President.

His leadership in the technology and diplomacy sphere was recognized by the World Economic Forum who, at the age of 30, selected him as one of the 100 “Young Global Leaders” list and recently chose as a member of the select “Tech Pioneer” group that includes the likes of Google, Uber, DropBox, Kickstarter and more. He’s a frequent contributor to leading media outlets such as CNBCBBC  Wired Magazine and the Financial Times and has recently debated (Davos, 2017) the macro trends of technology and economic inequality alongside Nobel Laureates Robert Shiller and Angus Deaton.

Adiri is married to Maureen and a father to Carmel, Liam and David.

He is also a Captain (Res) in the IDF’s international operational negotiations unit.

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