Yanki Margalit

Yanki Margalit

Chairman, SpacelL

Yanki Margalit is an Israeli entrepreneur, investor, and speaker best known for starting the Internet security company Aladdin Knowledge Systems, which was sold in 2009. He is a partner in the seed investment fund Innodo Ventures and a chairman of several technology startup companies, including SpaceIL. SpaceIL is a non-profit space technology organization that plans to land an unmanned spaceship on the moon by 2015 and is currently competing for the Google Lunar X Prize.

Yanki is also engaged with several non-profit organizations, including, Latet,,,, and He has appeared as a professional speaker on technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and human evolution, while studying and working in his more recent interests of biotechnology, clean energy, and space exploration.

Described as the Israeli Singularity prophet, Yanki took a key role in introducing Singularity University in Israel. He lectures on such topics as Israel as a startup nation, the future of silicon and carbon, the maker movement, entrepreneurship and innovation, and SpaceIL’s goal to land a spaceship on the moon.

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