Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

Chief Global Business Development Officer, Zoetic Global

Former U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan is Chief Global Business Development Officer for Zoetic Global.

During his political career, Ryan served the working families in Northeast Ohio‘s 13th congressional district where he led Northeast Ohio’s economic transformation. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, which controls the expenditure of money by the federal government, he brought back over $1 billion to help transform the economic and cultural landscape of Northeast Ohio. He served as the primary sponsor for the $280 billion CHIPS Act that paved the way for Intel to build two semiconductor plants in Ohio.

Zoetic’s portfolio of technologies includes innovative refrigerants’ projects in the United States, Asia, Middle East, and Africa that are well-positioned to make an important impact. Companies that work with Zoetic realize 20-40 percent savings on their cooling costs and share in carbon credits supported by precise energy and emissions reduction data. Global cooling is a key target for emissions reduction as air conditioning needs are projected to triple by 2050 as a result of warming and the growing middle class in Asia and Africa.

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