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Tara Lemmey

Tara Lemmey

Founder and CEO, Net Power & Light

Tara Lemmey is the CEO and Co-founder of Net Power & Light, the company behind Spin, the first mobile video communications experience capable of delivering truly immersive real-time ‘together experiences’. NPL’s mission is to deliver a new kind of powerful technology platform that fades into the background while giving people the freedom and fun to connect more deeply.

Lemmey has developed numerous patented innovations that change the way people experience media, entertainment and communications, heralding the onset of ‘the Experience Age’. The Spin platform was developed over four years and designed and tested for scale through large pilot events with Harvard University, TED, and DC United. She was named one of “100 Most Creative People in Business 2013” by Fast Company.

Prior to Net Power & Light, Lemmey was Chairman of LENS Ventures, a firm focused on driving the investment and M&A strategy for innovation divisions of leading US organizations including American Express, Discovery Mining (acquired by Interwoven and now part of HP) and Ribbit (acquired by BT).

An avid public citizen and pro bono worker, Lemmey speaks regularly on innovation in industry and non-profit sectors. She is a delegate to the FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit and a frequent participant at the Aspen Institute. From 2001 to 2010, she was technology co-chair of the Markle Foundation’s Task Force on National Security in the Information Age.

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