Tammy Patrick

Tammy Patrick

Federal Compliance Officer, Maricopa County Elections

Tammy Patrick is a federal compliance officer for the Maricopa County Elections Department, serving 1.9 million registered voters in the greater Phoenix Valley. She collaborates with organizations to create a productive working relationship with the goal of voter participation. In May 2013, President Barack Obama selected Tammy to serve on the Presidential Commission on Election Administration.

Her efforts in supporting good stewardship via sound data collection and analysis have afforded her inclusion in The Democracy Index by Yale law professor Heather Gerken, and a position on the Pew Advisory Board for the Elections Performance Index. Tammy was honored to represent Maricopa County by testifying in Congress in 2007 on the role of election audits.

Tammy’s studies on the effects of online voter registration, which was first offered in Arizona, have been presented to the National Conference of State Legislatures and shared with election officials around the country. Her work has been used to support the passage of similar legislation in other states.

She is responsible for many award-winning programs. In 2007, the Election Reporting System, developed in Maricopa County, was awarded a NACo Achievement Award, an Election Center Professional Practice Award, and a Harvard Kennedy School Bright Idea Award. The Kennedy School also recognized the system as one of the Top 50 Innovations in Government. In 2008, Tammy was presented with the ADA Liberty Patriot Award by the AZ Disability Advocacy Coalition.

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