Steve Axelrod

Steve Axelrod

Chief Executive Officer, G-Tech Medical

Steve holds a BS in Physics from UConn and a PhD in Elementary Particle Physics from Yale. He played with technologies like particle detection and fast pulse instrumentation, sub-kelvin cryogenics, superconducting magnets, NMR and ESR, high vacuum systems and data acquisition and analysis. He remembers using Bitnet and Arpanet before there was a WWW, and sending emails to friends working at distant particle accelerators using PDP-10 and VAX terminals.

After graduation he took a postdoc position at Stanford and when that ended refused to leave the Bay Area. The next 15 years were spent at Measurex (later Honeywell) developing on-line measurement systems such as nuclear and X-ray basis weight and thickness sensors, infrared moisture sensors and large electromechanical scanning systems. In 2003 he joined Xoft Inc, a startup developing a 2mm diameter 50kV X-ray source for radiation therapy applications, and has been in the medical device field ever since. He has been CEO of G-Tech Medical since joining the company in late 2011. Steve has been an individual contributor and has held various levels of management roles from R&D Manager to CEO, but has never been able to fully break away from the science and technology.

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