Stacey Haas

Stacey Haas

Principal, McKinsey & Company

As a leader in McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales Practice, Stacey helps clients transform their marketing and sales capabilities, with a particular focus on sales excellence, product design and pricing to deliver above-market growth.

Among her recent engagements, Stacey has guided a consumer packaged goods company through a global product offering redesign while also building their internal Design to Value (an integrated approach to designing products that deliver the greatest value) capabilities; helped a medical device company transform their sales capabilities through new tools, processes and capabilities; defined a new product pricing strategy for an industrial equipment manufacturer to protect multiple points of EBIT; and aided a financial services company in launching a new credit card product based on enhanced understanding of the consumer decision journey.

Stacey serves on the Board of Directors of Inforum, a leading Michigan-based professional women’s alliance.

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