Sarah Ann Lewis

Sarah Ann Lewis

Senior Lead Researcher, Policy, AFL-CIO

Sarah Ann Lewis is Senior Lead Researcher for Policy at the AFL-CIO, where she focuses on macroeconomic issues of particular importance to the future of work. She supports the AFL-CIO’s young worker program through research and economic policy development. Her work touches on a variety of subjects including monetary policy, student loan debt, and precarious employment with a special focus on the resurgence of piecework and “gigging” facilitated by technological development.

She represented the AFL-CIO and American workers on the international stage at the 2013 International Labor Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, and at the Japan International Labor Foundation’s international education and solidarity program in Tokyo, Japan in 2013.

Sarah Ann graduated with honors from George Washington University Law School in 2012. She received her BA, summa cum laude, in English and Sociology from the University of Dayton.

Sarah Ann was admitted to the Maryland Bar in December 2012 and until recently sat on the Executive Board for the DC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. She is a proud member of the Baltimore-Washington Newspaper Guild Local 32035, TNG-CWA, and serves as the Headquarters Vice-Chair of the AFL-CIO staff union.

When Sarah Ann isn’t busy kicking ass for the working class, she can be found reading feminist science fiction, slaying the occasional dragon with a 20-sided die, or knitting a sweater for one of her cats.

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