Robert Vatter

Robert Vatter

Senior Vice President, Head of Sales, DB&T; Practice Leader, EAS, Cognizant

Rob Vatter is Senior Vice President, Head of Sales for DB&T, in addition he is also the Practice Leader for our Enterprise Applications Group. He received his undergraduate from Hartwick College and a Professional Management degree from Harvard Business School. Rob has 30+ years in services and technology working with premier brands such as AT&T, HP, Atos and Altran. In his latest position, he was CEO of Altran – North America, the world’s largest
engineering services company.

As an accomplished Technology Services Executive, he excels in blending strategic vision with tactical execution in order to achieve business agendas. He has worked in depth at transitioning companies through periods of change.

Rob joined Cognizant in June of 2019 and calls his home Barrington, Rhode Island.

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