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Rebecca Yeung

Rebecca Yeung

Rebecca Yeung is a Corporate Vice President at FedEx Corporation and leads Operations Science and Advanced Technology. In her role, she is responsible for driving critical aspects of FedEx’s innovation and transformation strategy including scaling up robotics and automation technology, autonomous vehicles, decision science, and electromobility. She sits on the FedEx Strategic Management Committee, a C-suite leadership group that sets the strategic direction for the enterprise.

Rebecca has learned every aspect of FedEx’s business and network operations in her over twenty years at the company. Early in her career, she rotated through various roles including corporate strategy, e-commerce, and international marketing. She then shifted focus to operations and drove the development, adoption, and global institutionalization of FedEx’s Quality Driven Management (QDM) program, which has become a cornerstone of FedEx’s culture and has delivered cost savings, revenue growth, and improved customer experience. Since 2015, she has played a leading role onboarding advanced technologies to solve some of the most pressing business challenges of the enterprise. Rebecca is a three-time winner of the prestigious FedEx Five Star Award.
As an expert in both advanced technology and logistics operations, she frequently speaks at high profile industry forums including World 50, Reuters Momentum, CES, The AI Summit-Silicon Valley, TechCrunch Mobility, MOVE America, and MIT The Engine Tough Tech Summit.

Rebecca joined two public boards in 2023 – Royal Caribbean Group (NYSE: RCL) and Columbus McKinnon (NASDAQ: CMCO), bringing to both her technology and innovation expertise and strategic perspective. She has also previously served as a Board of Director for the Mid-South Food Bank between 2013 and 2022.
Originally from China, Rebecca holds an MBA from the University of Maryland–College Park and a bachelor’s degree from Fudan University.

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