Ray Levy Uyeda

Ray Levy Uyeda


I write reported feature stories for online publications, primarily focusing on activism and movement work. I also write about food, food justice, farming and restaurants. I particularly enjoy writing reported and researched op-eds, like this one I wrote for the baffler on california’s water futures market.

Iwrite culture essays about music, television, and movies. I analyze portrayals of queerness, queer relationship, and queer love, as I did in an essay for xtra magazine about the half of it.

I’m currently a reader for the micro section of the offing.

I spent some time at zyzzyva, the west’s literary journal, where I interviewed cedar sigocarribean fragoza, and kaveh akbar. I also reviewed small press collections of poetry and fiction, like elias rodriques’ all the water I’ve seen is running.

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