Peter Harris

Peter Harris

Chief Executive Officer, U.S., Grayling

In his role as CEO of Grayling US, Peter Harris is responsible for all operational, financial and growth activities for the company across 9 offices. In addition, Peter is a specialist in reputation management and has managed reputations for some of the most admired Fortune 500 companies across consumer product, technology, retail banking sectors and among others.

Prior to joining Grayling, Peter spent seven years at MSLGroup where he served in roles including North America Corporate Practice lead, Global Engagement Director for United Technologies, and head of the agency’s Strategic Partnerships and Alliances. Prior to joining MSLGROUP, Peter ran the global IBM account at Ketchum and founded the agency’s Financial Services Group, which catered to financial services companies and offered communications support to publicly traded entities such as Direct Energy, Nokia, and JPMorgan Chase

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