Nir Erez

Nir Erez

Co-founder and CEO, Moovit

Nir Erez is co-founder and CEO of Moovit, the world’s largest urban mobility data and analytics company and #1 transit app. Moovit is an early pioneer of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), with its free transit app that currently has 200 million users and predicted to surge to 1 billion by 2021. Moovit owns and operates the world’s largest repository of urban mobility data, adding more than four billion anonymized data points a day from its users. Moovit’s community of 400,000 local editors who contribute hyper-local data to the app make Moovit the Wikipedia of Transit.

Founded in 2012, Moovit had four rounds of funding totaling $133 million and service in more than 80 countries by February 2018. In 2017 Moovit launched its MaaS Platform for municipalities, cities and transit agencies to improve their systems.

Erez has had opinion pieces and interviews published in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, U.S. News and World Report and LinkedIn, among others.

Moovit is Erez’s third start-up. He was co-founder and COO of Optimal Plus Ltd. from 2005-2009. From 1999-2003 he was founding CEO of ActionBase Software Solutions. Earlier he was owner and general manager of Eyron Software Group where he also served as a Board member for 18 years.

In 1994 Erez graduated from Bar-Ilan University with a degree in Physics, which he applies to business. “You must anticipate the reaction to every action,” Erez says. “In business, every problem has a solution. It just takes the right team, time and resources. It’s also a marathon, not a sprint.” Marathons are something Erez knows intimately as an avid triathlete who completed multiple marathons and Ironman races in the last 15 years.

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