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Neha Shukla

Neha Shukla

Chair of Generation AI Youth Council, World Economic Forum
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Neha Shukla is 19 years old and is a New York Times-featured inventor, social entrepreneur, activist, bestselling author, and AI ethicist at the World Economic Forum. She works to create solutions for our communities and climate using tech, tackling issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and homelessness with support from Microsoft, NASA, and NVIDIA. Her bestselling debut book, “Innovation for Everyone” encourages youth to find their voice and take action within their communities. 

She serves as the Chair and US Representative at the World Economic Forum’s Generation AI Youth Council, WEF’s first-ever entirely youth-led AI advisory body. She advocates for ethical and child-safe AI in collaboration with corporations and policymakers. Her team released the “AI for Children Toolkit” in partnership with WEF’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and PwC to help companies incorporate ethics throughout the AI development pipeline. 

She is the published author of “A Kids Book About AI”, a children’s book about AI, its ethical challenges, and the ways AI can be built for social good. She is building a movement of AI literacy in schools, sparking conversations and critical thinking about the future of AI and young peoples’ role in building it. 

Her innovations and activism are recognized in the New York TimesForbesHarper’s Bazaar, and commended by President Biden and the Royal Family. She was selected by the White House National Space Council to advocate for girls in technology nationally, and serves as the Youth Advisor to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Neha is excited to lead a generation of youth building tech fueled by empathy for a more innovative and inclusive future. 

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