Mike Sutcliff

Mike Sutcliff

Group Chief Executive, Accenture Digital

Mike Sutcliff is group chief executive of Accenture Digital. Accenture Digital integrates a wide range of digital technologies and operating models to help clients change the way the world lives and works.

Mike focuses on leveraging the full breadth and scale of Accenture Digital capabilities in mobility, analytics, social, digital marketing, cloud, and smart objects to help clients create better customer experiences, generate new sources of revenue, and implement new operating models. He oversees a global team that provides a portfolio of business and technology services which target specific new value propositions in more than 40 industries. He is also a member of Accenture’s global management committee.

Prior to assuming his current role, Mike was senior managing director of Accenture’s financial services business in North America, with broad responsibility for the group’s strategy, client relationships, and financial performance. He has also been responsible for managing the new businesses organization within Accenture, tasked with developing new operating companies that expand the boundaries of our business service clients. Between 2000 and 2005, he led Accenture’s global finance and performance management service line.

Mike joined Accenture in 1987 and was named a partner in 1999. He holds Bachelor’s degree in electrical/computer engineering and a Master of Science degree in business from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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