Michael Frazee

Michael Frazee

CISO, Lendlease

With more than 30 years of IT experience, Michael Frazee is a trusted leader and is the CISO of Lendlease, a globally integrated real estate and investment group. Lendlease is dedicated to creating places where communities thrive, and Michael plays a crucial role in protecting the organization’s data infrastructure and assets.

As CISO, Michael oversees the company’s security architecture, governance, and operation, ensuring that robust security measures are in place to address cybersecurity threats, mitigate technology risks, and enhance operational resilience. His expertise and leadership extend beyond Lendlease, as he serves on the Leadership Board of the Real Estate Cyber Consortium (RECC). In this role, he plays an active part in raising awareness of cybersecurity preparedness for buildings and facilities within the real estate community.

Michael’s influence and thought leadership extend to the industry at large, sitting on several CxO advisory boards. He regularly shares his insights and expertise through speaking engagements at renowned cybersecurity conferences and industry events. By providing valuable guidance on emerging threats, best practices, and the future of cybersecurity in the real estate sector, Michael continuously contributes to the advancement of the industry and the protection of valuable assets.

Michael has made significant contributions to the data center industry, serving as the Atlanta Chapter President of AFCOM, a prominent association for data center and IT infrastructure professionals, for over 12 years. In this capacity, he fostered collaboration, knowledge sharing, and industry advancements within the local data center community. He also played a vital role in the creation of the AFCOM Data Center Safety Handbook.

Michael’s commitment to continued growth and expertise is reflected in his multiple licenses and certifications. He has completed the Inventium Customer-Driven Innovation Program, equipping him with valuable skills in enabling innovation. He also holds a certification in Mental Health First Aid USA.

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