Michael Dunne

Michael Dunne

Host, Driving with Dunne podcast and CEO, ZoZo Go

Michael Dunne is CEO of ZoZo Go and host of the Driving with Dunne podcast. Dunne landed in Beijing with a 3-day old MBA, his Apple McIntosh and enough Mandarin to find his way around. The year was 1990, the Berlin Wall had fallen 6 months prior. But the Great Wall had not: China remained impenetrable to outsiders. A bigger issue for the Detroit native? China’s car market was smaller than Portugal’s.

His timing was perfect. For the next 26 years, Michael Dunne experienced first-hand China’s miraculous economic growth as an entrepreneur, author and executive.

In 1991, Dunne founded Automotive Resources Asia, an advisory firm that helped global automakers enter China and Southeast Asia. In 2006, Dunne was named president of J.D. Power China, then in 2013, he was appointed president of General Motors Indonesia.

In 2015, with China’s auto-tech companies poised to go global, Dunne established ZoZo Go LLC, an advisory firm specializing in China’s electric and autonomous tech markets. ZoZo Go operates in Hong Kong, Shanghai and San Diego.

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