Marta Kosmyna

Marta Kosmyna

Silicon Valley Lead, Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Marta Kosmyna is the Silicon Valley Lead for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, a coalition of over a hundred organizations working across 60 countries to address the human rights implications of growing autonomy in weapons systems.

Marta leads the Campaign’s engagement with companies in Silicon Valley working on dual-use technology such as robotics, machine learning, computer vision and other related industries. Marta provides resources and a forum for companies and tech workers to evaluate how algorithmic bias and automation play out in warfare and policing. She advises engineers, roboticists and AI experts on how to develop safeguards against the unintended consequences of emerging technologies, and nurtures champions within the industry committed to maintaining human control over weapons.

Previously, Marta was a Senior Associate at Human Rights Watch in Washington DC, supporting the advocacy and research of the Arms Division and Refugee Rights Program. She also worked as a research consultant for the Russia/Ukraine team at the Institute for the Study of War, and as a Constituent Aide for the Ohio House of Representatives. She holds a BA in International Studies and minor in French from the Ohio State University. She is fluent in Ukrainian.

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