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Kitty Parry

Kitty Parry

Founder and CEO, The Social Media Charter Association and Social Media Compliance

Kitty is the Founder and CEO of The Social Media Charter Association and Social Media Compliance, a ground breaking initiative designed to set the standard for compliant social media use in the financial services. The SMC’s mission is to draw together the industry, regulators, trade bodies and consumers, in collaborative conversation to allow best practice social media use for the financial services. According to Forbes, Kitty has spotted a niche in the market, commenting that the need for the SMC is ‘glaring’. Kitty also founded the Responsible Social Media Summit, an annual event in the House of Lords bringing together CEOs to drive responsible business through better ethical and transparent behaviour.

An entrepreneurial vision has been present throughout Kitty’s career; prior to founding the Charter, Kitty set up her first business at 16, Templars Communications at 25 and the Accelerating Change Network at 27. In 2014 she was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. Kitty frequently speaks on regulation and social media having been involved in World Economic Forum panels at Davos and broadcast channels including BBC Radio 4 and CNBC.

Kitty sits on the board of Nexus, a charity helping match younger wealth holders with social entrepreneurs. She has been recognised as the Network She Young Business Women of the Year 2013, and was shortlisted for PRCA PR Consultant of the Year 2009. The drive behind Kitty’s work is to create and encourage innovative solutions, listening to customers and clients, thereby improving perceptions of the financial services industry and revitalising trust in the sector.

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