Kenneth Hepburn

Kenneth Hepburn

Vice President of Marketing, RealWear Inc

Currently VP Marketing at Realwear, Ken is focused on helping to solve fundamental pain points between humans and machines that span virtually all industries.

Ken was an accidental entrepreneur with a first career as a sculptor of large-scale steel and stone.   Public and private commissions, as well as representation by blue chip galleries proved a segue to a design and fabrication business serving large scale retailers such as GAP, Banana Republic, Houston’s Restaurants and many more.

Founding Neoporte in 2000, Ken pioneered the use of Solidworks CAD software as an engine for a user interface that automated the engineering of DXF files required for CNC manufacturing processes.  After successfully exiting Neoporte in 2007, Ken founded a mobile software application for iOS and Android that enabled consumers to donate to their favorite charities simply by shopping at local SMBs

In 2014, Ken joined Daqri, a pioneering AR platform/Wearable Device company. Reporting directly to its president and chief hardware engineer, he seized on the opportunity to build affiliates with leading trade groups and unions in the construction, energy, and heavy manufacturing industries.

Ken left Daqri in 2016 to found Next Dimension Technology Partners.  NextD focused on aggregating start-ups in the AR, Wearables, IIOT, BIM space and helping them gain market penetration and build defensible, long term positions within various industrial and construction market verticals.

Most importantly, Ken is a loving husband, father, an avid mountain biker, surfer, and lover of nature and industry.


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