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John Froese

John Froese

With over 20 years in banking, fintech, and cloud technology sectors, my leadership focuses on execution and the strategic use of technology for business transformation.

As a senior leader at Google Cloud and Citi, I’ve spearheaded various transformative programs that yielded substantial efficiency gains and cost savings. My expertise lies in harnessing the power of technology and cross-functional collaboration to optimize operations and accelerate growth. I have a proven track record in managing large-scale projects, developing effective partnerships, and leading teams towards the successful realization of their goals.

In my current role as Director of Google Cloud’s North America Banking organization, I lead a diverse team in delivering innovative cloud solutions tailored for the financial industry. I bring a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges in this sector, which has enabled me to effectively guide our strategies and solutions.

My core strengths lie in leading large-scale projects, developing strategic partnerships, and driving technological transformations. I am passionate about fostering agility, resilience, and a customer-centric approach in my teams.

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