Jim Grubb

Jim Grubb

Vice President, Emerging Technologies and Chief Demonstration Officer, Cisco

Jim Grubb is a visionary leader on Cisco’s product solutions and industry marketing team responsible for emerging technologies. Jim is passionate about early positioning and differentiation of Cisco innovation and technology. Instrumental in bringing new solutions to life, Jim ensures that Cisco is delivering products, solutions, and services that meet customers’ critical business requirements.

Since joining Cisco in 1993, Jim has held various positions in technical marketing and product management. In 1998, he began leading technology demonstrations with Cisco CEO John Chambers. Since then, Jim has been enabling Cisco customers with an understanding of innovative technology solutions and their business opportunities. During his tenure as chief demonstration officer, Jim has presented at hundreds of events, including demonstrations for U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, Mexican President Vicente Fox, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Fortune 500 CEOs, and Cisco customers and employees.

Prior to joining Cisco, Jim established one of the first computer retail outlets in southern New Hampshire, which he operated until joining Digital Equipment Corporation in 1983.

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