Guibert Englebienne

Guibert Englebienne

Co-founder and CTO, Globant

In 2003 Guibert co-founded Globant, a company that quickly became a global leader in the creation of innovative software products. Just eight years later, with 3,000 employees and a blue chip customer list, Globant brings an entirely fresh approach to the IT services industry, and has became a global role model for entrepreneurship.

As Globant CTO, Guibert leads the Premier League, an elite group of technology gurus whose main role is to think outside of the box for their customers and for Globant Labs, a playground for exploration of new technologies. When he is not sailing or eating a barbecue, Guibert spends his time thinking about the next disruptive project that will shake up the IT industry. His strong focus in technology, innovation, and creativity drove Globant to be an expert in cutting edge practices, such as social networks, video games, and mobile, while building a culture based on innovation.

Guibert is vice president of Endeavor Argentina. He was also included in the Powerful 25 list of Globalization Today.

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