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Greg Theroux

Greg Theroux

Founder & CEO, The Heritage Group

Greg Theroux is the Founder & CEO of The Heritage Group.

“Where does a building maintenance company and technology intersect?” Greg Theroux is heard asking. “They connect in the future.”

And that’s exactly where Theroux and his team at The Heritage Group are taking the industry.

Greg Theroux attributes the success of his business on his commitment to his people and attention to emerging technologies. For over 40 years Theroux has served as a driving force in building maintenance companies throughout the nation, ranging from billion-dollar, Fortune 500 companies to his own start-up custodial services company in Des Moines, Iowa.

Heritage Group, established in December of 2011, has quickly positioned itself as a dominant force not only for traditional building maintenance and custodial staffing, but also by being the first company in the nation to integrate Science-Proven Healthy Cleaning® and Science-Proven Microbial Control® into their core offerings. This, along with strategic staffing and reengineering of industry best practices has fueled explosive growth for Theroux and Heritage, finding themselves recognized by INC. 5000 for four consecutive years.

Leading the way in a tech-hungry industry has provided both advantage and inspiration for Theroux and the Heritage team. By growing their business through the implementation of science and technology as well as focusing on health and wellness at a global level, Heritage is able to deliver their products more effectively, more efficiently and safer than their competitors, protecting those that occupy the spaces they serve and helping their clients grow.

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