Fabio Cavalli

Fabio Cavalli

CEO & Founder, Cavalli Foundation

Fabio is a business architect and philanthropist. In the business world he develops new ideas, new concepts, disruptive innovations, and new patents that all can help the humanity through achievement of a better quality of life. Fabio was an active businessman, designer and inventor, and is best known as the founder of mondoBIOTECH. Through mondoBIOTECH he is widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the rare and neglected diseases. In 2009 Fabio took mondoBIOTECH public on the Swiss Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of more than 2,4 billion Swiss francs. He then left the company to create, together with his wife Vera, a pharmacist expert in research of rare diseases, a foundation to help people with rare diseases.

Now, the former CEO of mondoBIOTECH is driving a new company out of the garage: mymeleon. mymeleon is a company for keeping the community healthy through a disruptive well-being assistant, which is based on scientific evidence. Fabio also successfully set up several start-ups in real estate, leisure, sport, design, and information technology. He has a big passion for sports and flying; in 1982 he was rally champion.

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