Erica Raleigh

Erica Raleigh

Director, Data Driven Detroit

Erica Raleigh joined Data Driven Detroit as a founding member of the organization in early 2009.  Now the Director, she began as a Research Analyst, with a background in housing and community development, transportation planning, and public safety research.  She has led numerous projects for Data Driven Detroit, including the Woodward Corridor Initiative and the One D Scorecard, and worked to create internal structures to improve organizational capacity.  Erica continues her analytical pursuits through research that explores the interplay between neighborhood change and crime.  She is the lead author on “Neighborhood disinvestment, abandonment and crime dynamics” which was awarded the 2014 Best Conference Paper Award at the Urban Affairs Association annual conference.

Erica is deeply committed to the equitable access of information for data-driven decision-making.  She holds a Master of Urban Planning from Wayne State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies from the University of Michigan.

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