Elissa Levin

Elissa Levin

Head of Genomics and Integrative Health Innovations, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

As a board-certified Genetic Counselor, she is nationally known for developing novel approaches to responsibly realize the promise of personalized medicine as genetic and genomic technologies enter clinical practice. Her expertise has led her to participate in a diverse range of nationwide lectures, workshops, and media appearances.

Ms. Levin is a nationally recognized leader in developing innovative, responsible approaches to the delivery of genomic medicine. She is currently the Head of Genomics and Integrative Health Innovations at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, striving to develop programs to enable the integration of complex genomic information into clinical practice. Most recently, she developed and led the novel Clinical Support Services department at Life Technologies, providing clinical genomics expertise to a broad range of stakeholders. Previously at Navigenics, one of the first broad-based genomic testing services for the general population, Ms. Levin was Vice President of Genomic Services where she managed the company¹s clinical services, science, and operations departments and was a key leader of the company’s strategic initiatives. Before joining Navigenics, she served as the Director of Clinical Services at DNA Direct, where she helped pioneer the first direct-to-consumer genetic counseling service, providing testing, education and counseling services for specific medical conditions. Ms. Levin began her career focused on the genetics of congenital heart disease, providing genetic counseling and education to families and staff in the cardiology division of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. At the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, she counseled clients of all ages about general and metabolic genetics and coordinated clinical trials for enzyme replacement therapy.

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