Dr. Drew Van Niekerk

Dr. Drew Van Niekerk

Veterinarian/Entrepreneur/Tech Nerd, VCA Canada and Urban Animal Corporation

Dr. Drew Van Niekerk is a practicing veterinarian from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Drew is a successful investor and businessman who is known for his role as a principal partner and developer of Canada’s first National Veterinary company, Associate Veterinary Clinics. Now known as VCA Canada, the group manages over 100 hospitals with more than 2000 clinicians and staff. Van Niekerk is a​ clinical ultrasonographer​ who is passionate about technology, using online services to improve the health of all urban animals.

Dr. Drew Van Niekerk is also a ​​principal shareholder in Urban Animal Corporation ​the owner and developer of​ the HomeSafeä Utility. HomeSafeä is a cloud-based​,​ fully automated ​and privacy compliant recovery ​and protection ​platform operating in Canada and serving more than a million subscribers who currently protect their pets​.

HomeSafeä​ is expand​ing​ the digital utility to include all assets and property that consumers value. ​This direct to consumer​ digital application allows people to manage ​everything and ​to ​connect ​with service providers when they need to sell, replace, maintain, insure or recover these items.

Van Niekerk is looking for investment partners to expand the HomeSafeä service, launch in other markets and to integrate other emerging technologies like Blockchain into this utility.


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