Daniel Hewett

Daniel Hewett

Executive Director of Research and Partnered Projects, Rhode Island School of Design

Daniel Hewett is the Executive Director of Research and Partnered Projects and teaches in the Departments of Landscape Architecture Adaptive Re-use at The Rhode Island School of Design. He has held teaching and research appointments at Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Architecture and MIT where he lectures in the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies. His research explores generative interactions between infrastructure and cultural systems and in rapidly urbanizing cities.

An architect in professional practice since 1993, he is the founder and director of URBANFRAME, a non-profit organization mobilizing individuals to design and test catalytic multi-site interventions in response to inefficiencies in complex urban systems. These experimental interventions range in scale and operate across disciplines.

Prior to the founding of URBANFRAME, Mr. Hewett was the Director of Design at Dyer Brown and Associates in Boston. His built work ranges from interior and reuse projects to historic preservation and new residential and commercial commissions.

Mr. Hewett studied at the Graduate School of Architecture at Rice University. His research, “Architecture and the Productive Implications of Pause” examined informal patterns of design and construction in communities of former migrant farm families in several colonias on the outskirts of Progresso, Texas.

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