Corinne Iozzio

Corinne Iozzio

Editor-in-Chief, One5C

Corinne Iozzio is an award-winning science and tech journalist who’s ready to aim her skills and experience at combating the climate emergency. “I’m a realist and an optimist. I accept that humanity has done substantial damage to the planet, but I don’t accept that the damage is irreparable,” Iozzio said.  Most recently, Iozzio was the Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science, though she held more titles at the legacy brand than are probably worth rattling off—but highlights include Technology Editor, Executive Editor, and hired gun managing the annual Best of What’s New franchise.

Corinne’s work at PopSci touched all aspects of technology, science, and everyday life—from the space-faring fasteners that will bring us to Mars, to the search for the fountain of youth in our own blood, to the secret lives of kitchen sponges. In my tenure, the brand won two National Magazine Awards and recognition from the Society of Publication Designers, the Webby Awards, among others. Her work also helped bring the gender balance of the audience closer to 50/50 than it’s ever been, delivered record traffic months, and saw the 18-25 cohort grow faster than any other age group in the site’s readership.

Corinne sit on the advisory board of the Knight Science Journalism Fact-Checking project, have appeared on the Folio 100, am an experienced moderator for live events like the World Government Summit, and have appeared on numerous podcasts and TV news outlets.

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