Chidinma Iwu

Chidinma Iwu

Chidinma Divine Iwu

Chidinma Divine Iwu is a Nigeria-based freelance journalist who spends a lot of time producing data-driven analyses, feature stories, opinion pieces, and reports. Her work centers on developments and trends in the future of technology, gender, culture, and sustainability; and she’s very keen on making her coverage of these beats human centric. Some of her best pieces have been published in the Daily Dot, Forbes Advisor, Shondaland, Paste, the Daily Mail, Container Magazine, and more.

She is also a marketing and content strategist who has managed and designed several content strategies for over four years, after discovering her obsession with growing her little humor blog. Her freelance writer community, Crealo Africa, has helped many young African writers find guidance and strong footing in navigating the deeply exploitative market of freelance writing.

If she’s not writing or thinking or advocating for women, Chidinma is either on Netflix or doing some heavy reading. She’s not very keen on books, but bring all your essays, though!

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