Carlos Dominguez

Carlos Dominguez

Senior Vice President, Office of the Chairman and CEO, Cisco

Carlos Dominguez is a senior vice president in the office of the chairman and CEO of Cisco, as well as a technology evangelist. He has deep knowledge of current and emerging technology and trends and is a passionate innovator. He challenges and motivates audiences worldwide with engaging, highly animated presentations full of deep insight into how adaptable cultures can create winning organizations. Drawing on his 21 years at Cisco, his personal connections with thought leaders around the world, and his wide-ranging curiosity, Carlos highlights groundbreaking new trends in exponential technologies and what individuals and organizations need to do to remain relevant.

Before his current role at Cisco, Carlos ran Cisco’s Worldwide Service Provider Operations and U.S. Service Provider sales for seven years. Under his leadership, Service Provider grew in revenue from $500 million to $11.4 billion. Prior to that, he led Cisco’s enterprise line of business in the Northeastern United States, where he established Cisco in the strategic markets of financial services, media, government, and pharmaceuticals.

Prior to Cisco, he held management positions at Timeplex in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, and at New Jersey Bell/Bell Atlanticom. Carlos sits on the boards of several organizations, including the CDC Foundation, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the National Action Committee for Minorities in Engineering, Medidata, and Sprinklr. He is also a member of the Institute of Large Scale Innovation, a group of international leaders who use innovation to help solve complex global challenges

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