Arthur Shectman

Arthur Shectman

Co-Founder & President, Ultra Testing

Art Shectman is Founder and President of ULTRA Testing (a social impact firm employing Autistic individuals as software testers) and Elephant Ventures (a Digital Innovation and Agile/Lean Product Development & Engineering firm based in New York City). He is a digital architect and strategist with more than 25 years of experience delivering cutting edge technology solutions spanning a broad range of technologies. He has spent his entire career integrating and building upon cutting edge technologies to produce functional systems for use today.

Mr. Shectman is frequently called upon as a System Engineering expert to help build or diagnose and correct extremely complex systems. He has an extremely diverse background of experiences, from startup whispering and venture foundry operations, to debugging people and process to get to business value faster.

His hands on engineering experiences span the technology landscape from artificially intelligent robots to high security trading networks, cryptocurrency trading automation to giant billboards in times square and green vending machine prototypes. His experience includes clients in industries that range from advertising and casinos to financial services, supply chain, insurance, healthcare and the ad-tech/social media ecosystem. He has consulted at the executive level for Fortune 1000 companies. His recent experiences include complex applied mathematics for marketing optimization and performance engineering for large scale data warehouse analytics and trend discovery.

Mr. Shectman has been providing strategy in Internet Marketing and Technology to US and global companies for the last decade. He has also provided hyper-accurate pre and post investment assessments to venture capital firms about the likely success of proposed teams and investments.

Mr. Shectman holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and worked in the MIT Artificial Intelligence laboratory building and programming autonomous micro-robots for use on land and underwater for the US military.

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